DIY Kits Induction Loop Kits

DIY Induction Loop Kits

Select the induction loop application you require from the menu below, or click here for an introduction

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Contacta ILPL 20 One-To-One induction loop system.


Induction Loops for Conference Rooms

  • Board Rooms
  • Masonic Halls
  • Law Courts
  • Crematoriums

Induction Loops for the Home

  • Lounges
  • In-Car use
  • TV Rooms
  • Residential Homes

Induction Loops for Reception Desks

  • Libraries
  • Ticket Offices
  • Interview Booths

Induction Loops for Churces / Large Venues

  • Churches
  • Village Halls
  • Town Halls

Induction Loops for One-to-One

  • Interview Rooms
  • Small Offices
  • Waiting Rooms