Yacht Kits Induction Loop Kits

Yacht induction (inductive) loop kits

Our range of two induction yacht loop kits come complete with an amplifier to cater for yacht sizes up to 30m2. Kit options allow you to choose a system that can be used for training hearing impaired people wearing a hearing aid or communication from skipper to crew in a race.

Our racing yacht induction loop kit enables the skipper/helm to communicate with all crew on the boat. No need to shout, just talk at a normal level and every word will be heard clearly from pushpit to pulpit (even in blustery conditions). Have the edge, buy a racing yacht induction loop kit and be the first to bang the bend.

The training yacht induction loop kit is used for training people who are hearing impaired wearing a hearing aid on the yacht i.e: RYA training, flotilla, chartering, corporate, etc.


Yacht kit with a wireless hands-free tie/lapel radio microphone ( worn by the skipper) for the crew to hear every instruction.

Suitable for:

  • cruisers
  • racers
  • sail or power


When a yacht induction loop system is installed all crew wearing a hearing aid set to the 'T' position can hear the skippers every instruction. The telecoil in the hearing aid picks up the magnetic waves produced by the loop system. A direct copy of the audio signal from the tie/lapel radio microphone is now 'induced' in this coil and the hearing aid converts this electrical signal back to audible sound for the crew with a hearing aid to hear. In this way, crew on the yacht clearly hear the skippers' instructions on top or below decks - simply by being inside the loop area.

What's in the yacht loop kit?

An induction loop amplifier, power supply, tie/lapel radio microphone, loop cable, cable ties, 12v cigarette lighter adaptor for loop amplifier and radio microphone receiver and easy to follow DIY fitting instructions.

General description for installation

The yacht induction loop amplifier and radio microphone receiver can be placed adjacent to a cigarette lighter socket or fuse board. Very easy to install simply by feeding a thin wire around the yacht (can usually be installed in about an hour or so). This is then kept in place by cable tying to existing cables through the perimeter ducting.

Please use our Selector below to help you choose the correct induction loop kit for your application.

Racing yacht induction loop kit. Suitable for up to 30m2

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Training yacht induction loop kit. Suitable for up to 30m2

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