Reception Desks Induction Loop Kits

Induction (inductive) loop kits for reception desks

Ideal for ticketing applications, benefit offices, hotel receptions or library/enquiry desk applications where a permanent loop needs to be installed but only with a limited range so as not to interfere with other users. The system is very easy to install simply by tacking the pre-wired loop pad under the reception desk and connecting the ends of the cable to the loop amplifier. Plug in the microphone, mains adaptor and you're ready to go.

Suitable for:

  • receptions
  • enquiry desk
  • ticket offices
  • interview booths


Single induction loop installation at reception desk

Multiple induction loop installation with glass security reception desk


A reception desk induction loop system allows a hearing aid user to hear with ease the receptionist's conversation, even when behind a glass security partition. It will improve communication between the receptionist and a person with a hearing loss (staff or client). Thus creating a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the transaction.

What’s in the kit?

An induction loop amplifier, desk top microphone, power lead with fitted mains plug, loop pad 400 x 400 x 3 mm, Perspex loop sign and easy to follow DIY fitting instructions.

General description: Reception desk induction loop system

When a reception desk induction loop system is installed people who are hearing impaired can use the hearing aid set to the 'T' position. The telecoil in the hearing aid picks up the magnetic waves produced by the loop system. A direct copy of the receptionist conversation to the desk top microphone is now 'induced' in this coil and the hearing aid converts this electrical signal back to audible sound for the wearer to hear. In this way, someone standing at the reception desk can hear with ease the receptionist's conversation, even when behind a glass security - simply by being close to the loop.

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Suitable for up to 1.5m2
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