One-to-One Induction Loop Kits

One-to-One induction loop kits

Our stylish Handy Loop is so easy to use and carry around between rooms. Simply place in the middle of the table between the two people and away you go. This little unit provides a 1 metre diameter zone without the need for any external loop wires. Ideal for interview situations or the like.

Suitable for:

  • interview rooms
  • small offices
  • waiting rooms


Stand-alone operation of One-to-One loop

One-to-One loop with optional wired microphone


The Handy Loop has been specifically designed for one-to-one communication for people who are hearing impaired. Once the system has been charged the Handy Loop can be used almost anywhere. The Handy Loop is a microprocessor controlled Portable Induction loop System which eases communication with hearing aid wearers on the ‘T’ position. It features the latest techniques in induction loop technology, including automatic gain control, noise gating to improve reception of speech and automatic standby mode to conserve battery life. The system consists of two components, a stylish control unit constructed from ABS plastic and a plug in power adaptor.

What’s in the kit?

Inside the ABS case is an induction loop amplifier, omni directional microphone, induction loop aerial, rechargeable battery and an LED visual indicator to denote the signal strength and the battery life. A separate power adaptor is supplied to recharge the system. Easy to follow instructions for use, are printed on the rear of the case and an instruction manual is supplied.

General description of use

The Handy Loop has many uses as a portable one to one induction loop system. It can be used for interviews or general conversation. It can simply be used as an emergency back up system should a fixed induction loop system fail to work. In the event that an interview room is not available a Handy Loop can be used in another room in any location.

Please use our Selector below to help you choose the correct Handy Loop kit for your application.

Suitable for table top use (1m diameter)
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