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DIY Loop Systems: an introduction


... to DIY loop systems the online trading name of DAT (Deaf Awareness Technology) - a long established supplier and installer of induction loop systems and aids for the hearing impaired.

Our aim

Our aim is to supply induction loop kits via the Internet for DIY installation. Our kits are very easy to install and backed by our '100% DDA compliance money back guarantee' - nobody else in the UK offers such a comprehensive and value for money service - all backed with telephone and email technical support in case you have any queries.

Induction loops?

Induction loops allow the hearing impaired to hear more clearly in those locations where a loop is fitted, for example at home, a town hall or church. The audio signal from, say, a microphone, is fed to the induction loop amplifier which in turn is sent around a loop of wire clipped to the wall of the room.
Anyone within this loop will then be able to pick up the transmitted signal using a conventional hearing aid - by simply switching the setting on the hearing aid from 'M' (microphone) to 'T' (telecoil).
For more detailed discussions of how induction loop systems work, please click on the link below...

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DDA compliance

In order to achieve a successful installation and comply fully with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of 1995 we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our test equipment hire service prior to installing one of our kits. For a nominal sum our equipment will tell you if you are likely to achieve compliance in the particular room or building you intend to install the loop in. In some cases it will be impossible to comply with DDA requirements - for example because of building construction materials, proximity to power lines or other sources of interference. If the test equipment reports background 'noise' to be below the maximum level set by BS6083 Part 4, then installation can proceed, if the 'noise' level is too high, all is not lost - we can supply alternative equipment using Infra-Red (IR) or Frequency Modulation (FM) technology which is not susceptible to interference from power lines. For more information on the DDA directive and our induction loop systems, Infra-Red (IR) or Frequency Modulation (FM) please follow the following links...

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Our comprehensive range of easy to install DIY kits covers most applications from simple induction loops to be fitted in the home - for example to hear the TV or radio better - to more powerful systems to be used in churches or town halls. In essence, the size of the room dictates the size of the amplifier required. Certain applications, such as the conference room kit, include special microphones specifically designed to pick up voices of those sitting around a large boardroom table.

If you don't see a kit which suits your application exactly - please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirement and quote on a custom application.


Over the years we have installed hundreds of induction loops across a very wide range of applications. Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page lists most of the questions we regularly get asked.