Conference Room Induction Loop Kits

Conference room induction (inductive) loop kits


A conference room is often laid out in many different ways depending on the type of meeting taking place and how many people are attending. By using our unique sound-wave boundary microphone (SBM) sound is picked up from the entire room at the correct level for the induction loop system to operate. Compared to the impractical or expensive method of giving individual microphones to speakers, or using a shared microphone the SBM is the ultimate choice for this application.

Suitable for:

  • conference rooms
  • board rooms
  • masonic halls
  • law courts
  • crematoriums

Typical installations:

1) 'Surface boundary' microphone mounted adjacent to light switch and loop amplifier mounted above skirting board.

2) Loop system (induction loop amplifier and loop cable) installed above suspended ceiling with 'surface boundary' microphone mounted on the ceiling. A double mains socket is required in the ceiling void.


When an induction loop system is installed people who are hearing impaired can use the hearing aid set to the ‘T’ position. The telecoil in the hearing aid picks up the magnetic waves produced by the loop system. A direct copy of the audio signal reaching the sound-wave boundary microphone (SBM) is now 'induced' in this coil and the hearing aid converts this electrical signal back to audible sound for the wearer to hear. In this way, someone sitting in the room can clearly hear all conversation - simply by being inside the loop area.

What’s in the kit?

An induction loop amplifier, drum of loop cable, audio lead for connecting loop amplifier to an existing public address system, cable clips and easy to follow DIY fitting instructions. Optional extras: sound-wave boundary microphone(s), SBM power supply, SBM connection cable(s), loop listener/tester.

General description for installation

The conference induction loop kit including induction loop amplifier, sound-wave boundary microphone and loop cable can simply mounted above a suspended ceiling or surface mounted.

Please use our Selector below to help you choose the correct induction loop kit for your application.

Suitable for up to 70m2
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Suitable for up to 170m2
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Suitable for up to 300m2
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