Churches Induction Loop Kits

Induction (inductive) loop kits for churches and large venues

Our range of 4 induction (inductive) loop kits for large venues such as churches and village halls come complete with powerful amplifiers to cater for room sizes up to 700m2. Kit options allow you to mix and match microphone and stand options. Interconnecting leads are provided to interface with existing PA (Public Address) systems if present.


Wireless hand-held radio microphone option

Wireless hands-free option using belt-pack and tie/lapel radio microphone

Optional floor-stand with boom arm for wireless hand-held radio microphone

Optional goose neck and base for Wireless hand- held radio microphone

Suitable for:

  • churches
  • town halls
  • village halls
  • large venues


When an induction loop system is installed people who are hearing impaired can use the hearing aid set to the 'T' position. The telecoil in the hearing aid picks up the magnetic waves produced by the loop system. A direct copy of the audio signal reaching the microphone is now 'induced' in this coil and the hearing aid converts this electrical signal back to audible sound for the wearer to hear. In this way, someone sitting at the back of the hall can clearly hear the speaker at the front - simply by being inside the loop area.

What's in the kit?

An induction loop amplifier, drum of loop cable, audio lead for connecting loop amplifier to an existing public address system, cable clips and easy to follow DIY fitting instructions. Optional extras: Radio microphone and receiver system(s), loop listener/tester, microphone connection cable, floor stand with boom arm or goose neck.

General description for installation

The Church induction loop kit including induction loop amplifier, radio microphone(s) and loop cable can simply be surface mounted.

Radio microphone systems

The radio microphone systems we supply are VHF 6 channel true diversity.
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Please use our Selector below to help you choose the correct induction loop kit for your application.

Suitable for up to 70m2
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Suitable for up to 170m2
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Suitable for up to 300m2
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Suitable for up to 700m2
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Need an induction loop for a venue bigger than 700m2, or multiple loops for a venue? Please contact us