Induction loop kits Induction Loop Kits

Induction Loop Kits

We supply a comprehensive range of induction (inductive) loop kits for DIY installation. If you don't see what you need, or would like more information, please contact us.


Induction loop kits for conference rooms, etc.

Induction loop kits designed for conference rooms, board rooms, Masonic halls, law courts and the like. These powerful loop systems come with specialist microphones designed specifically for picking up voices from the entire room at the correct level for the induction loop system to operate... more

Induction loop kits for churches and other large venues

Our range of 4 induction loop kits for large venues such as churches and village halls come complete with powerful amplifiers to cater for room sizes up to 700m2. Kit options allow you to mix and match microphone and stand options and the kits include interconnecting leads to interface with existing public address (PA) systems if present... more

Induction loop kits for the home

DIY loop system's best seller! Our home loop kit provides everything required to help the hearing impaired hear the telly or radio better. Very easy to install - usually installed in less than an hour - simply by feeding a thin wire around the room. This is then kept in place either by clipping to the skirting board or by tucking under the carpet edge... more

Induction loop kits for portable one-2-one applications

Our stylish handy loop is so easy to use and carry around between rooms. Simply place in the middle of the table between the two people and away you go. This little unit provides a 1 metre diameter reception zone without the need for any external loop wires. Ideal for interview situations or the like... more

Induction loop kits for reception desks, etc.

Ideal for ticketing applications, benefit offices or library/enquiry desk applications where a permanent loop needs to be installed but only with a limited range so as not to interfere with other users. Very easy to install, simply by tacking the pre-wired loop pad under the desk and connecting the ends to the induction loop amplifier. Plug in the mains adaptor and you're ready to go... more

Portable induction loop kits for temporary venues

When you need an induction loop system for a temporary venue - our range of portable induction loop kits will suit your needs. These ready-to-go kits are housed in attractive cases and include all the loop wiring on a reel mechanism. Just unwind the cable and feed around the perimeter of the venue then when you've finished, it all winds back into the reel and back into the case. Ideal for tents, marquees, exhibition stands and halls.... more

Supermarket checkout induction loop kits

Specifically designed for supermarket applications, our supermarket checkout induction loop kits are suspended over the checkout area and provide improved communication between the customer and cashier. Proven with a leading UK supermarket chain, our kits are easy to install and are supplied with mounting hardware. Depending on the kit, graphics may be applied within the loop area itself if required.... more